Financial advantages

Because in HolaBank we want you to feel at home, we have created the HolaBank Living Solutions Account, which provides you with financial solutions and, as a member of HolaBank Club, also offers benefits and services for your daily life. And all this, so that you can concentrate on the most important thing of all: enjoying life, wherever you are.

Enjoy these services free of charge:

  • Visa debit/credit card (account holder and beneficiary).
  • Visa Gold Card
  • Línea Abierta and online correspondence
  • Withdrawals from CaixaBank's 9,500+ cashpoints1
  • Deposit of checks in euros at a bank in Spain
  • 24 Transfers in euros to other EU countries2
  • Paying in cheques in euros drawn on a bank in Spain

Special conditions (€200 maximum; 0.2 % no minimum)

  • Issue of banker's drafts
  • Transfers in euros to EU countries other than the 24 provided free of charge
  • Receipt of regulatory transfers in EU
  • Receipt of currency transfers

CaixaBank foreign currency account

The CaixaBank foreign currency account offers a sight deposit in any currency listed for trading in Spain, to help keep your savings safe.
With the CaixaBank foreign currency account you can:

  • Receive payments in the denominated account currency, with no forex commission.
  • Make payments in the denominated account currency, with no forex commission.
  • It is available to customers both resident and non-resident in Spain.

Other HolaBank products

Request the Hola Bank Living Solutions account services by calling: 91 832 98 98